Implant-Supported Bridges in Atascocita, TX

Millions of Americans have restored the appearance and function of their smile through implant-supported bridges. Traditional dentures of the past were known to be uncomfortable, difficult to clean, painful to adjust on the gums, and challenging to keep in place. Dr. Umansky at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates is proud to offer a comfortable and long-term alternative. An implant-supported bridge closely resembles a traditional dental bridge but is anchored by dental implants rather than natural teeth. This means there's no need to modify healthy teeth to secure the bridge. If you are missing teeth and are seeking to restore functionality to your mouth, schedule a consultation at our world-class office in Atascocita, TX today.

An implant-supported bridge is a comprehensive dental solution that can take multiple treatments to replace missing teeth effectively. At the core of this procedure are dental implants crafted from durable titanium, which serve as strong foundations. These implants are precisely and surgically placed into the jawbone. Depending on the specific needs and the condition of your jawbone, Dr. Umansky might install an implant for each missing tooth. Sometimes, one or more spaces may be left untouched due to insufficient bone density or other concerns. Abutments are utilized to bridge the gap between the implant and the final restoration. These can be fashioned from the same titanium as the implants or from zirconia ceramic, offering a blend of strength and aesthetic appeal. The final step in this process is the restoration, consisting of a series of crowns linked together to form a bridge. Shaded to match the natural shade of your teeth, this custom-made restoration can vary in size, typically comprising two to four connected crowns.

Implant-supported bridges are at the forefront of dental restoration technology, providing a robust and lasting solution for individuals with multiple missing teeth. The advantages of choosing implant-supported bridges for your dental restoration needs include:

  • Enhanced Stability and Comfort: Unlike traditional bridges, implant-supported bridges are anchored directly to the jawbone with dental implants, providing unparalleled stability.
  • Preservation of Jawbone and Facial Structure: The implants used in this type of restoration stimulate the jawbone, mimicking the root of a natural tooth. This stimulation helps prevent the bone loss that typically occurs with tooth loss, thus preserving the natural contours of your face and jaw.
  • Improved Oral Health: Implant-supported bridges contribute to a healthier oral cavity by preventing the remaining teeth from shifting and becoming misaligned.
  • Longevity: Due to their durable structure and the integration of the implants with the jawbone, implant-supported bridges often have a longer lifespan than traditional dental prosthetics.
  • Natural Appearance: The meticulous attention to detail in their design ensures that they match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

I really like this dental office. The staff is always friendly and helpful. It's a beautiful facility, it's clean, and they seem to always fit you in when needed. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they lack consistency as far as dentists that work there. I have had 3 different dentists the last three years. For whatever reason, they are always hiring new dentists to replace the ones that leave. All of them have been friendly and good dentists, I can't complain there, but I just wish I could build a good doctor/patient rapport with a single dentist, and not have to meet a new one every year.

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The staff were great. Very thorough and no wait time. Great experience!

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Highly recommend this place to everyone. Always so nice and friendly

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Professional. Took extra time I needed and did not rush me.

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Dr Bollman took good care of me.... No pain at any point having my first ever tooth pulled at age 53...

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If you are in Atascocita, TX and have multiple missing teeth, implant-supported bridges may be an ideal solution for you. Implant-supported bridges offer a long-term, custom-made solution to the everyday hassles of missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Umansky at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates today to find out if implant-supported bridges are right for you.

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