3D Oral Imaging in Atascocita, TX

New dental technology now allows our dentists to get a full 360-degree view of the mouth with 3D oral imaging. 3D oral imaging helps our team at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates to understand the extent of oral health complications or areas of damage to your teeth, mouth, skull, and jaws. Compared to the 2D images previous utilizes, 3D imaging offers a quick and effective way to assess any potential dental problems, and determine and decipher what changes need to be made. It permits a faster diagnosis and more correct treatment options. The images that are taken could even be used to make more detailed dental implants, crowns, onlays, inlays, and more. 3D oral imaging allows us to thoroughly assist our Atascocita, TX patients in making educated choices about their dental treatments.

3D imaging, like digital dental x-rays, is typically taken during your annual exam. The actual process is similar to having an x-ray taken, but with 3D imaging, the cutting-edge imaging system will automatically rotate 360 degrees around your head. The whole process takes approximately less than a minute for a full-mouth view. The pictures are then uploaded for Dr. Umansky to examine and determine whether you are experiencing any dental problems that may necessitate treatment. As the imaging process can expose individuals to radiation, women who are nursing or pregnant should let our team know beforehand. Additionally, children should limit their radiation exposure and only undergo 3D imaging when needed and recommended by a professional.

The use of 3D oral imaging has significantly transformed the dental care experience for clients at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates. This sophisticated technology enhances diagnostic accuracy and streamlines the treatment planning process. Here are several key benefits that 3D dental imaging brings to patients:

  • Reduced Radiation Exposure: Compared to traditional x-rays, 3D oral imaging utilizes less radiation, making the procedure safer for patients while still providing comprehensive dental insights.
  • Enhanced Patient Understanding: With the visual aids provided by 3D imaging, patients can better understand their dental conditions.
  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: The swift nature of 3D imaging allows for a more efficient assessment, saving valuable time during dental visits.
  • Advanced Treatment Planning: Utilizing 3D imaging facilitates a more advanced and precise treatment planning process, enabling customized care tailored to each patient's specific needs.
  • Increased Implant Accuracy: The detailed views offered by 3D imaging significantly enhance the accuracy of implant placements, contributing to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Early Detection of Dental Concerns: 3D imaging provides the ability to detect dental issues at an earlier stage, allowing for timely intervention before conditions become more complex and difficult to treat.
  • Specific Diagnoses: The detailed imaging capability of 3D technology ensures a more specific and accurate diagnosis of dental issues, enabling targeted treatments that address the root cause of the problem.
  • Improved Care Progression Tracking: Over time, 3D imaging can be used to effectively track the progression of a patient's care, offering tangible insights into the effectiveness of treatments and adjustments as needed.

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This method of oral imaging is an efficient approach to successfully discover and treat issues that may occur in the mouth, teeth, or jaw. 3D oral imaging is often utilized while performing simple and complex dental therapies to help offer reassurance during the treatment and reduce the chance of complications. If you would like to incorporate 3D imaging into your routine dental exam, contact our practice to book an appointment today.

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