Fluoride Treatment in Atascocita, TX

Fluoride naturally occurs in certain food and liquids, and is a beneficial part of a comphrenshive dental care plan. Fluoride can also be applied to the enamel to create several oral benefits. Fluoride helps to fight off enamel erosion by allowing the enamel to become less vulnerable to tartar. This mineral might additionally reinforce the tooth's structure to help reduce the first stages of dental decay. Local areas that put fluoride in their water sources generally have decreased cavities among their citizens. The American Dental Associates, and other credited associatesion, have recognized the advantages fluoride has on overall oral health. At Aesthetic Dentistry Associates, we are pleased to provide routine fluoride services for children and adults of all age groups. To find out more on how fluoride may improve your dental health, arrange a consultation at our modern office in Atascocita, TX.

Aesthetic Dentistry Associates carries a variety of fluoride types and flavors to ensure these treatments are pleasant. Generally speaking, fluoride treatments are performed every six months, right after a professional dental cleaning and exam. Once you have selected your flavor of fluoride, a member of our team will prepare the treatment as either a foam, gel, varnish, or liquid. It will remain on the teeth for a few minutes, based on the type, to allow the fluoride enough time to absorb into your enamel. To receive the best possible advantages from your fluoride service, you may need to wait at least 30 minutes before consuming food or drinking water.

Fluoride treatments are a cornerstone of preventive dental care, offering an added layer of defense against various oral health issues. Recognized for their versatility and effectiveness, these treatments are a valuable component of dental care routines for patients at every stage of life. Some of the benefits fluoride treatments can provide include:

  • Promotes Overall Oral Health: Fluoride treatments work with regular brushing, flossing, and professional dental cleanings to maintain oral health. They are crucial in preventing dental problems and helping your mouth stay healthy and functional.
  • Enhanced Cavity Protection: By reinforcing the teeth, fluoride treatments create a stronger barrier against the bacteria responsible for cavities and tooth decay. This added protection is essential for preserving the integrity of your teeth over time.
  • Suitable for All Ages: From young children, who are just learning to care for their teeth, to older adults, fluoride treatments offer benefits for clients of all ages.
  • Reduces Tooth Sensitivity: For those suffering from sensitive teeth, fluoride treatments can offer significant relief. By targeting the exposed dentin and receding gums that often cause sensitivity, fluoride can help to minimize discomfort associated with temperature changes and certain foods.
  • Strengthens Tooth Enamel: Fluoride has the unique ability to help remineralize and strengthen weakened enamel, the outermost layer of the teeth. This process not only repairs damage but also prevents further erosion and decay.


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I have a lot of dental anxiety. Dr. Bollman was very patient and her assistant Allison was great! Would definitely recommend! Thank you for making sure I was as comfortable as can be.

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Men, women, and children can maintain the health of their teeth with regular fluoride treatments at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates. Our team performs fluoride treatments for kids, adolescents, and older clients to fortify the teeth, defend against cavities, and minimize beginning signs of tooth decay. Contact our facility in Atascocita, TX to arrange a professional cleaning with a fluoride application or to find out more about this recommended oral care treatment.

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