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Tooth-colored fillings or other types of restorations are often used to address injured or decayed teeth if the issue is identified and managed in a timely manner. But as the damage reaches the core of the tooth (also known as the pulp), root canal therapy is potentially needed to return dental health and mediate the need for removal. A root canal is a common treatment performed at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates to take out diseased inner tooth tissue and close off the affected tooth to return oral function. Dr. Umansky addresses abscessed or internally damaged teeth by performing advanced root canal treatment and employs sedation dentistry to further enhance patient relaxation. If you notice a damaged or abscessed tooth, call our Atascocita, TX facility soon to learn about the health perks of advanced root canal therapy.

Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, root canal procedures are a quick and effective treatment. At our Atascocita, TX office, root canals are performed under local anesthesia, but we also offer other sedation options for clients with dental anxieties or fears. Once the tooth is numb, a covering is positioned to block the patient's oral structures. The damaged tooth will then be reached via a small hole created in the upper part of the tooth. The pulp, the structure that contains the nervous tissues and blood supply inside of the tooth, will be extracted and the inner canal will be addressed with special endodontic instruments before being thoroughly sterilized. Dr. Umansky will then protect the compromised tooth using an effective material and follow that with a sedative filling to kick off the recovery process.

At Aesthetic Dentistry Associates, we understand the importance of preserving natural teeth and aim to provide our clients in Atascocita, TX, with high-quality care that ensures the best possible outcomes. Root canal therapy offers several significant benefits, making it a preferred choice for dealing with dental issues that affect the tooth's inner pulp. These benefits include:

  • Pain Relief: One of the immediate benefits of root canal therapy is alleviating pain caused by tooth decay or infection.
  • Tooth Preservation: This is beneficial for maintaining the tooth's functionality and avoiding the need for more complex dental procedures.
  • Prevention of Infection Spread: By removing the infected pulp, root canal therapy stops the infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth.
  • Improved Oral Health: A successful root canal treatment eliminates bacteria from the infected root canal, preventing reinfection and promoting better oral health.
  • Enhanced Appearance: In addition to its health benefits, root canal therapy can also improve the appearance of the treated tooth. Following the procedure, a crown or filling is typically applied, restoring the tooth's natural appearance and enhancing your smile.

Dr Qwan did an excellent job on my root canal. He is very gentle and explained what would happen, and Ali his assistant was very helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging, and reassuring. Even the gals in the front office care about the patient. I highly recommend Aesthetic Dentistry Assiciates of Humble!

H.P. Google

I highly recommend this amazing office and the service that Aesthetic Dentistry Associates provides to anyone who is looking for a dentist for themselves or their family. This office and their kind and friendly staff has served my 3 children both for preventive exams as well as an accident that my son had while playing basketball, which caused his tooth to get knocked lose. We were very concerned that over time, his tooth may die and he could potentially lose it if drastic measures were not taken (i.e. root canal), however this office and their expertise was able to save it with a technique and a year later, his tooth is white and locked in place! As a single, self-pay Mom with no dental insurance, I can't tell you how grateful I am for their generosity in working with me during unplanned emergencies and the kindness with which they deliver it. This is grade "A" dentistry and I am happy to have them so close and to have found such a clean and awesome office to serve me and my children.

C.F. Google

Went in on a referral for a root canal. The Staff and Dr were extremely courteous and patient. They answered all our questions and worked out a plan to take care of the dental issue. Will post a follow up after the procedure is complete.

M.B. Google

Just had a root canal which is never pleasant but they were GREAT and made it pain free as possible

T.S. Facebook


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Safeguard your oral health against diseased and abscessed teeth. A root canal provided at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates could be an excellent solution to rescue your tooth, as well as your smile. Reach out to our office in Atascocita, TX to schedule an appointment with Dr. Umansky to learn more about our approach to root canal treatment.

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